Skilled Nursing

Skilled Nursing care is provided 24 hours per day by RNs, LPNs and CNAs.   Our direct care team works in coordination with your physician to develop the best plan of care to meet your particular needs.  The plan developed by your care team will be specific to your condition and your goals.  Many guests come to our facility for specified treatments or therapies in order that they may quickly return home. 

Conway Manor offers long-term care for our guests that have either chronic conditions or physical limitations that they are unable to manage at home as well as those guests who have memory impairments.  A full calendar of activities is developed to nurture a supportive and caring environment and empower our guests in their individual pursuits.

Conway Manor also offers end-of-life and Hospice Care.  When our guests reach the final phase of their life, care emphasis is placed on comfort.  In conjunction with local Hospice providers, the facility focuses on being responsive to the special needs of the resident and family during this time.  Our goal is in to provide comfort, emotional and spiritual support in an environment of compassion.

Our team is skilled in answering any questions you may have and, if your stay is short, helping you by evaluating and arranging for your needs on your return home.  Please contact our care team at Conway Manor as they will be happy to discuss your particular needs and challenges.